I truly hate to rant because tumblr has been such a great space for me over the last couple of years. It’s not only been an amazing pastime, but also the vehicle through which I’ve met some of my closest friends and have made connections with people within the fashion/social media industries that I have infinite admiration for.

However, for some time now I find that nearly all the messages I receive are generic, mass messages like “I love your blog, mind checking out mine?” There’s nothing inherently wrong with this, however there’s also nothing compelling, especially when you receive several of these a day.

When I joined the site there were so many pages that I loved and reached out to, but in an attempt to make a real connection with the person behind the page. Never was it ever about a follow back. I wanted to know more about them and share about myself. 

I love you all, but have found myself hiding from my inbox lately, when it used to be my favorite part of the site.

My advice: don’t stop reaching out to people, but take time when you do. Think about WHY you like someone’s blog, WHAT you find compelling about them. I miss the connections I made when I was first on the site with people who cared about more than their follower count. 

All the love,


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  1. isleofviewblog said: I fully agree with this!! Plus, I really do love your blog!! Even with the frustrations, Tumblr is a beautiful space for community & creativity!
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  4. sejour-chic said: the worst part is, when they say that, but they aren’t following you in the first place.
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